Thursday, September 23, 2010

CodeIgniter Quick Start For The Rest Of Us

To get started with the project download the zip file ci_skel.rar. Open the rar file and rename the first directory that you see with the name of your project. In our example our project will be toe. Once the zip utility has renamed the directory extract the directory to a specific point on your web server. Typically I use www/php/. When the zip utility is finished where is the new project www/php/toe.

Open your php compiler and start a new project. Make the new projects name toe and use existing source option and point it to the newly extracted project in www/php/toe the development environment will do the rest. Finally you will see the project in the project inspector double click it to open.

Double click on system, application and config folders until the “config.php” comes into view in the editor. Go to the line for base_url and make sure its contents reflect the location of the toe source code. It should look something like $config['base_url'] = "http://localhost/php/toe/";.

Be sure to save the changes. Then open “routes.php” in the same sub directory and make sure the default controller is changed to be $route['default_controller'] = "toe";

Now go to your browser and type in localhost/php/toe/index.htm/toe in the URL command line and the obligatory test page will appear.

This is probably the minimum to make a CodeIgniter application operational. Now the real work can begin with added and enhanced functionality.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome Everyone

Hello Folks,

Weclome to the BCS CodeIgniter blog.

Here we will have an open exchange of ideas and a hearty discussion on technology.